THE FOUNDERS’ SPEECH TO SAVE AMERICA: How The Founding Fathers Defeated Tyranny


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NEW RELEASE – The faith that sustained them — the families they held on to — the God-given rights they fought for . . . and how they won. The Founders’ Speech To Save America gives readers a front-row seat to hear firsthand how the Founding Fathers defeated the greatest empire the world had yet known. The work serves as an instruction manual for patriots today to stand for and defend their rights, a call to organize and defeat those who seek to destroy them, and a reminder that we must restore the faith and character of the people if we mean to retain our liberties.

Continuing his widely acclaimed work in telling the story of America’s Founding through the lens of the issues we face today, National Bestselling author Steven Rabb asks, “How would the Founding Fathers address the political and moral crises in modern-day America?” The Founders’ Speech To Save America: How The Founding Fathers Defeated Tyranny answers that question using the very words of the Founding Fathers to tell the story of how patriots from across the colonies united in purpose and deed to defy the British Empire.

The Patriots uniting to defeat tyranny is a compelling theme of The Founders’ Speech, as is their exhortation to teach our children to love and revere their country, their example of courage and love of liberty as they declare for independence, and their patriotism and sacrifice as they boycott, rally, and spirit the colonies to victory. One of the lessons we learn in their telling is that the remarkable success of the colonists was largely made possible by their unity. Through the Committees of Correspondence, a little-known network that connected every town and colony, the Patriots organized to defy the odds and, as John Adams stated, “make thirteen clocks strike together as one.”

The prologue introduces The Founders’ Speech through a fictional telling of the Founding Fathers reuniting in Independence Hall in modern-day America. Reflecting age-old tensions, Hamilton and Jefferson are soon at odds and each other’s throats, as they debate the scope and role of the federal and state governments. As tensions threaten to boil over, the Founding Fathers realize, as they sit down to write the speech, that the principles at issue in the room must be one of the work’s themes. The ensuing chapters lay out, theme by theme, in the actual words of our Founding Fathers, The Founders’ Speech To Save America.


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About the Author

As an executive leader and public speaker for two decades, Steven Rabb developed the talent of distilling complex subjects to their essence to help teams achieve their mission. But Steven’s own mission changed as he saw chaos and extremism wreak havoc on America’s institutions, communities, and lives across our nation. What started as a part-time passion project soon consumed him and ultimately redirected his background in training and storytelling to the mission he cares about most—saving America.

To achieve his mission, Steven spent two years painstakingly compiling the words of the Founding Fathers into a narrative form around themes relevant to our world today. As he began developing The Founders’ Speech to a Nation in Crisis, Steven’s training and speaking experience came in handy as he scoured through thousands of texts and hundreds of sources to mine the words that would recall Americans to their founding ethos and principles. In so doing, Steven has not only crafted a powerful and compelling read, but he has also created a single source for the brilliant and still relevant words of the Founding Fathers in a treasure that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Steven is currently working on his second and third books in The Founders’ Speech series, The Founders’ Speech On Tyranny and The Founders’ Speech To Save America.

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