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With more than 1,500 Five-Star reviews on Amazon, The Founders’ Speech has quickly become an American classic. A few of the highlights are below. Once you have read the book we hope you will return to this page and leave a review of your own.

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The unity of this book is powerful, but the most impressive aspect of the book is the fact that the figures who arose from the enlightenment saw precisely the kinds of challenges which we face today. Their views are familiar; we need an educated, religious and virtuous populace but we also need a brave populace, willing to fight to the death to preserve our precious liberty. We must have no illusions with regard to man's fallen nature and be ever vigilant with regard to the need of checks and balances on power (as Montesquieu here reminds us). We must resist the assumed power of elites, Jefferson points out; the government works for us and not us for them. In some ways this is a sort of commonplace book or a vade mecum, a book of common (political) prayer, something to which we can and must return when we need to be reminded of the stakes, the wishes of liberty's adversaries and how their siren song of socialism has brought death and oceans of blood. One hopes that it will be shared widely and that readers will attend to its collected wisdom.

Every man, woman and child should listen to this book and discuss!

Chad Schmidt

Everyone should be required to hear the texts that Mr. Rabb has compiled for us: to learn, to understand, and to live.This is a work you can listen to over and over again to inspire you on a daily basis.


Steven Rabb has done a great job researching and compiling the thoughts of our founders. His delivery in speech format was right on!

Tom Wasser

Compelling!!! Everyone should listen to what our founders said about the very times we are in now! We must wake up America!!!


It seems I don't have much time to sit and read. what a delight to put my headphones on and work in the garden while listening to this well done book!

Kay Nolte

So many beautiful quotes and beautiful thoughts. I had to stop the program numerous times to write inspirations down.


A Must Listen! Fantastic information. Easy to listen to and superb information given by the author. Definitely 5 Stars!


It is so thought-provoking that I found myself rereading many passages twice or even a third time. Powerful and spot on for today's self-serving lemmings who have not recognised that our democracy is being eroded right under our noses.

Ronald Reisler

I am a great fan of history, our exceptional Nation, its Founders, and our way of life here...so this book seemed a good choice to refresh my memory about what we were and still should be all about. I was not disappointed in the least! Incredible and inspiring.

P. Creery

This book is a must-read for students of US history. The Founders’ Speech is extremely well put together, and if you are a student of US history, this is a book that should be at the top of your list of Must-Read books. Yes, it's that good.

Don Marchant

University of Southern Utah

There is much talk about the Constitution and what the Founders meant. Also was it a moment in time or a document meant to withstand time? What did these men think and believe? Here are the answers in their own words. A must read.

Important to understand the thoughts of our founding fathers and what it takes to keep our freedoms. We clearly are not!

Todd Beatty

A refreshing take on our most sacred American values. Great to help teach our children the timeless urgency and protection the Declaration and Constitution give our nation.

Frank Owen

An absolutely phenomenal compilation of the wise words of our Founding Fathers and those in their era that are written in a way to educate, inspire, and invoke the sense of duty. Not only is it a must read, it will be a hardcopy staple in my library.

R. Oliver

Truly a book for this day in America! I was reminded once again of the timeless wisdom possessed and espoused by our Founding Fathers! Their exortations to resist tyranny and defend liberty must be embraced by all Americans if we are to survive as a nation. As Founder John Adams said in 1775: “Liberty once lost is lost forever.” We are on the cusp. Read this book and act.

D A Gibbs

I bought 4 copies. One for me and each of the kids. Gives keen insight into the way the forefathers thought, through their own actual quotes.


It is so thought-provoking that I found myself rereading many passages twice or even a third time. Powerful and spot on for today's self-serving lemmings who have not recognised that our democracy is being eroded right under our noses.

Ronald Reisler

Very relative to our current nation's problems and what we should do about it. I purchase five books and gave them to my grandsons.

David H. Yeaton

Awesome, I love the history during the formation of this great country. A time when our forefathers were people care about this country and the people in it. instead of politions who are in it for themselves

Richard T.

I am so thankful to Mr. Rabb for putting this book together. His knowledge of the Founder's words and his genius in putting them into a cohesive unit is an amazing piece of work. If we had only read and studied the words of our Founders and taught their words to our children, our Republic would not be in peril.

Kimberly C Hickman

This is an awesome work - the collection of appropriate writings and quotes by the men who fought for, designed and shaped this great nation. There is just enough present-day contribution from "Scribe" to provide context and message flow. It, otherwise is an outstanding book that gathers together the hopes, dreams, vision, opinions, warnings, instructions and admonitions from dozens of our Founders to Us, their Posterity!

John C

This book has opened my eyes to what our Country stands for! Great Writing!!

Olivia Leaf

I just received your book and having delved into it nearly 30 pages have found it immensely satisfying, well done, and exciting to read given the volume of founder’s quotes you incorporated into the writing. I don’t know if you have a digital version for sale or not that could be downloaded online? I only mention it because to me, the speed of dissemination of the content therein is essential for young students today. Hence, having it available for purchase to a classroom for use therein would seem prudent, though perhaps costly to implement? I hope to get others to purchase and read it as I find it would be highly enlightening for a wide swath of the population - especially immigrants and new citizens. Thank you for all your efforts in putting together a great read and influencing our future in the proper direction.

Etienne Blaakman

This is like time travel ! Just like there’s a million movies about WW2 and then there’s the documentary “They shall never grow old”, this book is a shocking experience. It’s like sitting in a living room with the most brilliant minds of the era, and they talk about the most fundamental things in life, and you’re right there with them. It’s very moving. Btw it’s the just the Founders in the discussion, there is Alexis de Tocqueville, who I didn’t know, but whom I really admire now.


Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! This book is a shocking experience. It’s very moving.


This is a truly inspiring read. I found it to be a terrific book.

Amazon Customer

No resident of America should ever be granted a high school diploma without studying this book in depth for at least a semester, and drilling down to learn about why our Founders would say such things to us!

John C.

While I had a strong idea on this premise of this book, I was not prepared for it to be as captivating and enlightening as it was!! I have since ordered several for my grandchildren. Thank you for this Mr. Rabb!!


This is a book that needs to be at hand in your home! The way Mr. Rabb wrote this is amazing. It is almost like I’m in the audience listening to all these founders of our nation and contributors to our prosperity!


Rocking page turner! Just the book our Nation needs right now! I read it in one sitting. Shared it once and sold 8 at my Motorcycle Club!

Adam Thorn

Yes, this is a great book. I got so much out of it I read it twice already. Read It !!!

Walter Butch Nichols

This book nails the problems with our current society and outlines how to solve our ills!


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