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“The unity of this book is powerful, but the most impressive aspect of the book is the fact that the figures who arose from the enlightenment saw precisely the kinds of challenges which we face today.” –Richard B. Schwartz, Professor of English, The University of Missouri

With more than 1,500 five-star reviews, readers are raving over The Founders’ Speech to a Nation in Crisis. The passion of the reviewers jumps off the page (“This book nearly made me stand up and cheer!” – “Absolutely BEAUTIFUL” – “I was in tears, just in the prologue!”) and captures the heart-felt response to this one-of-a-kind tapestry of the Founders’ words. Described as the TRUE narrative of our founding, this compelling work is not only the #1 National Bestseller on America’s Founding, it is also the much-needed rebuttal to all who would tear down the Founding Fathers of our nation. The continued relevance of the Founders’ words—as revealed in this unique, meticulously crafted work—is a clarion call to defend our natural rights that will both stun readers and leave them celebrating America.

“I was not disappointed in the least! The book is written as a speech to the nation, composed of the actual words spoken or written by many of the Founding Fathers and a few others … This book will move those that are thrilled with the history of our great nation, and give courage to stand against the tide wishing to drown our incredible history with undue criticism and scandal. This book will renew your love of how our country came to be, the benefits we derived from these great men and their lofty ideals, the promise of a new nation conceived in liberty.” –P. Creery

Author Steven Rabb gives depth to the current conversation and ongoing debate about America’s founding ideals—a modern-day telling of the Founding Fathers at Independence Hall, reunited once again to debate the speech they must write to save America today. Their resulting work is the rest of the book, The Founders’ Speech to a Nation in Crisis, a fast-paced read that moves from one themed chapter to the next, taking on current topics that range from:

  • The God-given Natural Rights of Man
  • Religious Liberty
  • The Rule of Law
  • Freedom of Speech
  • The Right to Property
  • and the Continuing Threat of Tyranny.


In The Founders’ Speech, Mr. Rabb has created a masterfully presented work and a single source of “best of” quotes that has quickly become a beloved nightstand fixture that will be cherished and shared for generations to come. Readers who add this timely book to their shelves will gain a deepened understanding of the God-given rights of man, along with the virtues and duties required in a people who seek to retain them.

22 reviews for The Founders’ Speech to a Nation in Crisis – Author Signed Paperback

  1. Timothy J. Tschida

    This is a fantastic read. It can be read in one day and reread the next. Steven Rabb does an excellent job of gathering opinions of all of The Founding Fathers and applying them to today’s world. Should be read by all those currently serving in government. FIVE STARS

  2. Richard B. Schwartz, Professor of English, The University of Missouri – Columbia

    The unity of this book is powerful, but the most impressive aspect of the book is the fact that the figures who arose from the enlightenment saw precisely the kinds of challenges which we face today. Their views are familiar; we need an educated, religious and virtuous populace but we also need a brave populace, willing to fight to the death to preserve our precious liberty. We must have no illusions with regard to man’s fallen nature and be ever vigilant with regard to the need of checks and balances on power (as Montesquieu here reminds us). We must resist the assumed power of elites, Jefferson points out; the government works for us and not us for them.
    In some ways this is a sort of commonplace book or a vade mecum, a book of common (political) prayer, something to which we can and must return when we need to be reminded of the stakes, the wishes of liberty’s adversaries and how their siren song of socialism has brought death and oceans of blood. One hopes that it will be shared widely and that readers will attend to its collected wisdom.

  3. Tina

    The genius of the founders made accessible. In their own words the founders and other free thinkers perfectly predict the corrupt and increasingly authoritarian country we now live in. Even with a very detailed list of the possible ways we could destroy ourselves from within, we’ve managed to do it. We’ve sold our liberty for security and we shall have neither.
    Anyone who values free thought, free speech and inalienable rights needs this book. I plan to give it to my kids as a resource for discussion.

  4. Dawn M. Walters

    What did these men think and believe? Here are the answers in their own words. A must read!

  5. /

    Loved this book! I bought several copies to give to my patriotic friends!

  6. John C.

    No resident of America should ever be granted a high school diploma without studying this book in depth!

  7. Christine

    Absolutely BEAUTIFUL! This book is a shocking experience. It’s very moving.

  8. Mike Amos

    Every family should have this book and discuss its contents as part of a regular curriculum of education and of broadening one’s understanding of why we are a country of laws. This is the first book in History that has compiled the writings of the founders of our great country along with many who followed who are recognized as transformative individuals for the good of mankind. The Bible is the resource for the word of God. This book is the resource for current generations to understand the principles and deliberations of what has made our country what it is.

  9. Grumpy Pants

    It is nearly impossible to put this book down. The author has managed to consolidate the ethos of our democratic Republic by consolidating the thoughts or words of our founders and other important thinkers from following generations. The index is a who’s who of the most important people of our Republic. Every elected official at every level of government should read this book. Every appointed official that has even a remote connection with the policy should read this book. This book should be used in schools. Students should be required to pass a quiz to advance in grade and another quiz to graduate based on this book. Every citizen should read this book!

  10. Diana Paynter

    Excellent book. Couldn’t stop talking about it to my friends. Prophetic.

  11. Cincinnatus

    This book nails the problems with our current society and outlines how to solve our ills!

  12. Kayrey

    This is a book that needs to be at hand in your home! The way Mr. Rabb wrote this is amazing. It is almost like I’m in the audience listening to all these founders of our nation and contributors to our prosperity!

  13. Anonymous

    This a awesome book! It is a reminder of the ideas on which this country were founded! It is eloquent and right from the words of our founders! A must read!!

  14. Amazon Customer

    This is a truly inspiring read. I found it to be a terrific book.

  15. P Creery

    Excellent book , Purchased it for Educational reasons…now I recommend it to all educational institutions… public and private.

  16. D.A. Gibbs

    Truly a book for this day in America! I was reminded once again of the timeless wisdom possessed and espoused by our Founding Fathers! Their exhortations to resist tyranny and defend liberty must be embraced by all Americans if we are to survive as a nation.

  17. Don Marchant

    This book is a must-read for students of US history. It is a book of quotes and comments of leaders of the 1776 era. It is put together in such a way that the quotes from the past are applied to our current situation as a country. It is extremely well put together, and if you are a student of US history, this is a book that should be at the top of your list of Must-Read books. Yes, it’s that good.

  18. Christine

    This is like time travel ! Just like there’s a million movies about WW2 and then there’s the documentary “They shall never grow old”, this book is a shocking experience. It’s like sitting in a living room with the most brilliant minds of the era, and they talk about the most fundamental things in life, and you’re right there with them. It’s very moving.
    Btw it’s the just the Founders in the discussion, there is Alexis de Tocqueville, who I didn’t know, but whom I really admire now.

  19. Walter Butch Nichols

    Yes, this is a great book. I got so much out of it I read it twice already. Read It !!!

  20. Adam Thorn

    Rocking page turner! Just the book our Nation needs right now! I read it in one sitting. Shared it once and sold 8 at my Motorcycle Club!

  21. John C.

    This is an awesome work – It is an outstanding book that gathers together the hopes, dreams, vision, opinions, warnings, instructions and admonitions from our Founders to us, their Posterity!

  22. Mm

    While I had a strong idea on this premise of this book, I was not prepared for it to be as captivating and enlightening as it was!! I have since ordered several for my grandchildren. Thank you for this Mr. Rabb!!

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About the Author

As an executive leader and public speaker for two decades, Steven Rabb developed the talent of distilling complex subjects to their essence to help teams achieve their mission. But Steven’s own mission changed as he saw chaos and extremism wreak havoc on America’s institutions, communities, and lives across our nation. What started as a part-time passion project soon consumed him and ultimately redirected his background in training and storytelling to the mission he cares about most—saving America.

To achieve his mission, Steven spent two years painstakingly compiling the words of the Founding Fathers into a narrative form around themes relevant to our world today. As he began developing The Founders’ Speech to a Nation in Crisis, Steven’s training and speaking experience came in handy as he scoured through thousands of texts and hundreds of sources to mine the words that would recall Americans to their founding ethos and principles. In so doing, Steven has not only crafted a powerful and compelling read, but he has also created a single source for the brilliant and still relevant words of the Founding Fathers in a treasure that will be enjoyed for generations to come.

Steven is currently working on his second and third books in The Founders’ Speech series, The Founders’ Speech On Tyranny and The Founders’ Speech To Save America.

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