If The Edifice Of American Liberty Falls…

Daniel Webster - The Founders Words

The younger generations have not seen the true face of tyranny, just an occasional glimpse at a foreign tyrant, or the overzealous policies of aspiring domestic tyrants. But all of this is still under the safe umbrella of a world policed by a benevolent American empire.  In fact, none of us have lived in a […]

Jefferson Calls On All Debt To Be Paid Within 19 Years!

Thomas Jefferson - The Founders Words

Hello Fellow Patriot, We will end our national addiction to out of control federal spending the hard way or the tragic way. There is no easy way left to us.  The hard way is a Constitutional Amendment that follows Jefferson’s advice and requires all debt incurred to be paid off within 19 years.  He chose […]

Adams Calls Out Corrupt Politicians!

John Adams - The Founders Words

Corrupt politicians have long been with us. That is not news. What IS news is the Founders’ genius in creating a Constitution that better understood and guarded against human corruption and power seekers. The buffers and boundaries of the Constitution are a defense against the majoritarian who would use ‘democracy’ to bludgeon the minority, and […]

ADAMS: ‘The Hour Has Come’ To Stand Against Tyranny

John Adams - The Founders Words

Hello Fellow Patriot, In today’s quote, Adams makes his powerful closing argument for the signing of the Declaration of Independence. He is all in. He is ready to sign away his life for something greater than himself – liberty. Adams was joined by 55 other men who signed the Declaration, pledging their lives, their fortunes […]

The Founders Call On All Patriots! “Lay Your Shoulder To The Wheel!”

Thomas Paine - The Founders Words

Hello Fellow Patriot, What does it take for a people to rise up? At what point do patriots take a stand against tyranny? Has our success made us soft? Will we at last heed the call of The Founders to defend liberty at all cost? Our cost today is our financial support of institutions and […]

Lincoln Says “America Will Live Forever Or Die By Suicide”

Abraham Lincoln - The Founders Words

Hello Fellow Patriot, How have so many come to so loathe our nation and it’s history? How can we survive as a nation if we cherry pick American history to paint only an ugly portrait of our past. Self loathing is as destructive in a people as it is in a person. And yet power […]