If The Edifice Of American Liberty Falls…

Steven Rabb

Steven Rabb

Author, The Founder’s Speech to a Nation in Crisis

The younger generations have not seen the true face of tyranny, just an occasional glimpse at a foreign tyrant, or the overzealous policies of aspiring domestic tyrants. But all of this is still under the safe umbrella of a world policed by a benevolent American empire.  In fact, none of us have lived in a world in which America, in alliance with its short memory allies, was not the global keeper of liberty.  

We face today, through threats from an amoral and ambitious China externally, and a hate filled political left that cares only for their utopian visions and institutional destruction internally, the greatest threat to American and global liberty the world has seen since WW2.

Daniel Webster saw it coming and warned us against it. His words here should stiffen our spines and chasten us that we, yes, you and I, are now the last best hope of liberty. Not only for America, but for every human being on planet earth, and their posterity. These are the stakes in these extraordinary times.  

Daniel Webster - The Founders Words


Steven Rabb


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