The Founders USA 1776 Project

Tools For Schools To Teach Students the True History and Principles of the Founding of America.

“This book should be essential reading for every middle school to high school aged student, and every adult too! So well done!”

I'd Like More Information About The Founders USA 1776 Project

I wrote The Founders’ Speech to a Nation in Crisis, and am launching The Founders USA Schools Initiative, to achieve one mission: ‘To equip every student with an understanding of America’s Founding principles and reclaim America’s Founding story’. We believe the best way to achieve this mission is through the powerful words of the Founding Fathers. The Founders’ Speech book and study guide are excellent supplements to a school’s US History curriculum: the interactive classroom activities and assignments keep students engaged,, and the assembly presentations for students, as well as an optional presentation for parents, will ensure a successful launch of our partnership.  Please accept our invitation to a 30 minute presentation about The Founders USA Schools Initiative by visiting our schools page at www.TheFoundersUSA.com/Schools.